Pelvic physiotherapy for adolescents

With a changing body, pelvic or pelvic floor complaints sometimes come into play. Young adults can experience complaints in the pelvic area that were not there before.

  • Incontinence can suddenly develop;
  • Complaints can occur with sexual functioning, for example pain during sex or ejaculating too early;
  • Complaints can arise after an unpleasant sexual experience or an unpleasant doctor's visit.

Complaints often occur for no apparent reason. It can be very nice to map this out with a pelvic physiotherapist and then to draw up a treatment plan, aimed at your own limits and the experienced complaints.

Counseling during teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancies are common. It is important for the young mother (or parents) to follow a safe and good route in preparation for the upcoming birth and parenthood.

A pelvic physiotherapist guides pregnant women of all ages. Together we look at physical complaints and problems in daily functioning. This way we can ensure the best and most beautiful birth possible.

A pelvic physiotherapist can also offer support in the postpartum process. Both with regard to the recovery of the body and pelvic floor, and the change of a child.

Referral and Fee

You often already have a referral from a general practitioner or specialist. However, a reference is not necessary. You can also make an appointment on your own initiative.

The first 18 pediatric/children(!) pelvic physiotherapy treatments are reimbursed from the basic insurance. How many treatments you will be reimbursed afterwards depends on your supplementary insurance.

If you have complaints and you wonder whether the pelvic floor might play a role, you can of course always contact us.

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