Pelvic physiotherapy for men

'I didn't know I had a pelvic floor and I had absolutely no idea that it plays a role in my complaints.' It is a frequently heard statement from men.

Often men with urinary complaints go to the general practitioner to end up with a pelvic physiotherapist via a urologist. Men are also often referred to a pelvic physiotherapist after surgery, for example prostate surgery or bowel surgery.

The pelvic physiotherapist also works via direct access physiotherapy (you do not need a referral). You can make an appointment yourself.

Complaints and questions that you may have and for which you have come to the right place at a pelvic physiotherapist are:

  • Complaints when urinating

    • I feel like urine is left behind when I finish urinating;
    • The beam is no longer as strong as it used to be;
    • I notice that I can no longer hold or postpone my pee very well;
    • I drip, after peeing;
    • My pee starts jerking and jerking;
    • I have to push to get going or to pee empty;
    • Peeing hurts.
  • Complaints when defecating

    • I have hemorrhoids and defecation is not so easy;
    • I have trouble holding up my bowel movements;
    • I (occasionally) lose my stool;
    • It is no longer possible to stop winds;
    • I can only pass my stool if I push very hard;
    • Suddenly I have a smudge in my underpants.
  • Complaints about the sexual function of the pelvic floor

    • Inability to get or maintain an erection;
    • Early ejaculation;
    • Pain on ejaculation;
    • Pelvic floor pain with arousal.
  • Pain complaints

    • Pain in perineum (between scrotum and anus);
    • Anal cramp;
    • Coccyx pain;
    • Pain in the top of the penis;
    • Pain in the base of the penis;
    • Pain in scrotum (pain in the ball);
    • Pain in the buttocks;
    • Pain in the entire crotch area.

If you have complaints and you wonder whether the pelvic floor might play a role, you can of course always contact us.

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